Lifetime Temp Mail | tempmail disposable temporary email generator

Lifetime tempmail email address generator 

   Lifetime access to your emails 

            (Bestmailgen never expire or we never delete your old emails )

We never delete your emails - access anytime to your mailboxes 

What is temp mail generator?

If you need to create some multiple social media accounts! you can use our fake mail generator service. Although when you need to protect your real email address from phishing or spam email senders you should need a temporary email address. Then you can use our temp mail service.


Is this temp email generator service safe and reliable?

Yes, 100% trustworthy.

Unlike other 10 minute mail / temporary email address / throw away email or disposable email address fake mail generator services.

We are never limiting or expiring your email inbox. You have Free Lifetime Access to your temp email accounts and it's old emails that you received. 


Where I can use these tempmail addresses?

As I informed you before you can use these temp mail address on,

  • To create facebook or any other social media accounts
  • Use them on online shopping websites
  • Even temporary emails help you on receiving online promotions and coupons.
  • You can use tempmail address to create and signup on streaming or music websites.
  • In addition, when you feel bad about any other websites behavior. Then use a fake email address using our fakemailgenerator.
  • Similarly,when you need to create any stealth account anywhere use this.


What is the best temp mail website?

     Now you know many temporary email services. When you searching on google about throwaway email or fake mail generator websites you'll see many.

  But what to choose ? and what features you need when you choosing your tempmail service!

  • They must allow accessing your temp mail address anytime without losing your data .

(Then avoid sites like throwaway email or disposable email)

  • You need fully control about your temp email address without any time limit

(So you have to reject websites like 10 minute mail and 10minutemail or any other fake email generator with Time limit )

  • Bestmailgen.com never limits your time or your valuable data!
  • They must be friendly to resolve your problems: Bestmailgen team is well train and so friendly to help you in anytime.